Woodpiles can serve as a cozy nesting spot for all kinds of pests. But one of the worst pests to invade woodpiles is rats. Once established nearby, rats can quickly become a nuisance to homeowners, as they invade homes and damage gardens.

Rats breed quickly, with a single female rat able to birth multiple litters in a single year. This is why you need to do all you can to ensure that rats don't infest your property.

If rats keep invading your woodpile, then the following tips can help you to make your woodpile as unfriendly to rats as possible.

Store your wood off the ground

One thing that is sure to attract pests, including rats, is rotting wood. Wood begins to rot when in contact with soil, so the best way to prevent wood rot is to keep your wood on a raised platform. This will stop the wood from rotting and make it more difficult for rats to climb onto your woodpile.

You can also make it more difficult for rats by covering your woodpile with a tarp when not using it.

Store your wood away from food and water sources

Rats need their nests to be relatively close to food and water sources. Your home could provide many water and food sources. So, store your woodpile as far away from your home as you can. And ensure that you eliminate all water and food sources outside your home if possible.

Take wood from the bottom of the pile

Don't always take wood from the top of the pile. Remove wood from the bottom of the pile too. This may be more difficult, but doing this will disturb the woodpile regularly, and dissuade any curious rats from choosing a comfortable nesting location within the woodpile.

Use natural rodent repellents

Rats don't like natural repellents like chili, peppermint oil, or animal dung. Place these natural repellents within and around your woodpile to keep rats away.

Visit your woodpile often

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to keep rats from nesting in your woodpile is to disturb it as often as you can. This means visiting your woodpile often and moving the wood around. But make sure you wear thick gloves and clothing to protect you against potential rodent bites. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward to avoid contamination from rat urine and droppings.

These tips should help you to keep rats away from your woodpile. But if your woodpile is home to some particularly stubborn rats, call a rat control service to remove the rats for you.