Bed bugs can be the most nuisance blood-sucking pests in a home. They will leave you with red itchy spots and hide in the smallest corners of your house. 

If you suspect you have bed bugs, you need to call pest control experts and start getting rid of them as soon as you notice the slightest signs. Don't let their small size trick you. A single bed bug can lay from 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime, making the infestation spread fast. Here are some of the signs that tell you that you have a bed bug problem at home. 

You Can Notice Itchy Red Spots on Your Skin   

It is not unusual to have itchy skin in bed as long as it is not persistent and extensive. Additionally, there are tens if not hundreds of causatives for itchy skin, some of which may not require any attention. However, if you notice that the skin on your neck, hands, and legs is starting to have itchy red spots, you may have a bed bug problem. These spots will appear long after the bed bugs have left since they bite and inject an anesthetic. To confirm that these are not bites from any other insect, they appear in clustered zig-zag lines or straight rows. 

Cloths and Bed Sheets Have Noticeable Blood Stains 

Since some people will not develop any red spots or even itch after a bed bug bite, noticeable red stains on clothes and bedsheets is another indicator that you have a bed bug infestation. Bloodstains will appear when you accidentally or intentionally kill the bed bug as you scratch your skin. 

Due to the anticoagulants injected into your body by the insects, blood spots will form on your skin as the bugs stop feeding. These blood spots will later transfer to your sheets as you sleep. 

The Mattress Has Dark, Rust-Coloured Spots

Dark or rust-coloured spots will appear when fecal from the bugs get smeared on the mattress. The same spots will produce a noticeably awful smell and present as tiny black spots when left on walls and behind the hangings.  You can also find these spots on the box springs, wooden frames, and other places in the home.  

There Are Tan-Colored Bed Bug Skins Laying Around 

Mostly found in their hiding places, bed bugs shed off these skins as they grow. Be sure to confirm the presence of these under your furniture and dark corners of your house. 

You Can Smell a Musty Odour

The pheromones or smelly chemicals produced by bed bugs leave a very unpleasant smell resembling spoiled food or mouldy clothes. The intensity of the smell is highly dependent on the number of bed bugs in your house. A large number of bedbugs will likely produce a more pungent scent. 

Bed bugs reproduce very fast and call for a quick pest control response to avoid spreading to all corners of your home. If you notice any musty smell in your home or spot bed bug skins, dark spots that resemble rust, and blood spots on clothes and bedsheets, it's time to call in a pest control professional.