Redback spiders are one of the deadliest spiders in Australia. Responsible for hospitalizing around 2,000 people per year, redback spiders are not something you want living in close proximity to you.

If you keep seeing redback spiders in your home, call a pest controller to identify the reason for your infestation and eradicate the problem. Redback spiders may be entering your home for the following reasons.

Your garden and home are cluttered

Redbacks are common in urban areas because of the abundance of areas to hide and because insects are common around humans. If your garden is overgrown, with vegetation up against your walls and foundation, redback spiders will gravitate to those overgrown areas. Since those areas will be abundant in insects, they make the ideal nesting spots for redbacks.

Gardening tools and other types of clutter also provide ideal nesting spots for redback spiders. The closer to your home redback nests are, the more likely they will gain entry and nest inside your home.

The spiders have entered your home via your roof

A common area for redbacks to enter homes is via the roof, under roof soffits, for example. The redbacks then begin to make their way into the rest of your home via the downlights. If redbacks are appearing in large numbers throughout your home, your roof void could be infested.

Your home is infested with insects

Redbacks, like other spiders, go where the food is. This means that if your home has a problem with flies, cockroaches or ants, then redback spiders will happily take advantage. Seal up your windows, fill in all cracks and crevices with caulk and try to keep your exterior lights off at night. Alternatively, you could change your bulbs to yellow light, which is less attractive to insects.

You keep bringing infested items into your home

Redback spiders love to nest in confined spaces within equipment left in the garden, garage and shed. For instance, redback spiders will happily build webs inside children's toys left out in the yard, as well as items from the garage, including gardening tools, motorcycle helmets and old containers.

Always check items before you bring them in from outside, especially if they have been outside for a while.

Redback spiders are deadly to the elderly and to children. If your family home has a redback problem, call a pest controller. A pest controller will eliminate the spiders and advise you on how best to keep the spiders from coming back in future.  

For more information about spider extermination, contact a local pest control service.