The sight of any type of cockroach in your home is enough to fill you with dread and disgust. But if you know what a German cockroach looks like, then you also know just how quickly they can spread once they infest an area. Once German cockroaches establish a nest, getting rid of them can be a painful and arduous process.

If you have seen German cockroaches in your home, then you need to locate their nest. Once you locate the nest, you can then begin the process of eradicating the infestation.

German Cockroaches Don't Build Nests

Unlike their close cousin, the termite, German cockroaches do not build nests. This means that you won't find them by looking for a hive-like structure, like a wasp nest, for instance. Instead, German cockroaches locate areas near food sources and then begin to mate and produce young.

Cockroaches are not social creatures, and this means they don't congregate and work together like ants, termites or wasps. Instead, they'll share a nesting spot simply because it has the resources and environment that they need to survive.

German Cockroaches Like Darkness and Moisture

Because German cockroaches like darkness and moisture, you are likely to find them nesting in your kitchen and bathroom. And these areas obviously contain food sources too. Even a bathroom contains items that cockroaches can eat, such as soap and toothpaste.

So, if you spot a cockroach when you turn on your bathroom or kitchen light, watch where the cockroach runs. That will give you a clue as to where it is hiding out when you aren't around.

Look for Cardboard, Cracks and Wooden Undersides

Does your kitchen contain items of cardboard, such as old boxes? Then check them for the presence of cockroaches at any time of the day. Cockroaches like to squeeze into small spaces too, like cracks in walls or tight spaces between tables and walls. You should also check the undersides of wooden structures and furniture like kitchen tables and the undersides of sink cabinets.

If you don't see the cockroaches themselves, check for their mess. Cockroaches leave droppings that look like black pepper. These droppings are usually scattered around the same area because cockroaches are attracted to each other's scents and so will defecate in the same areas. Look for egg cases too. Egg cases resemble little brown purses and will be dropped in dark, tight spaces.

Have you seen evidence of German cockroaches in your home? Then you need a pest inspection urgently. German cockroaches can breed out of control in just weeks, leaving you with a huge infestation.