A leaky tap, which can be caused by something as simple as a dodgy washer, can cause you all kinds of problems. But aside from increasing your water bill and causing a mould infestation, a leaking tap can also bring pests into your home. By far, the worst pest that might take an interest in a leaky tap is the dreaded termite.

Termites Love Leaky Taps

It doesn't take long for a tap with a broken washer to soak the wooden cabinet under the sink. And the water won't just cause the wood under your sink to rot. The water from the leaking tap will also make its way down under your sink and drip down to your home's foundations. These two factors will bring termites for two reasons.

  1. Termites love to feed on rotting wood.
  2. Termites need moisture, wood and darkness to survive.

A leaky tap then will create the ideal environment for termites to thrive. But you might not be able to tell straight away if termites have invaded your sink. After all, termites don't feed or travel in the open. Despite that, if you examine the area carefully, you can identify the presence of termites.

Termites Leave Telltale Signs

Although termites work under the cover of darkness and rotting wood, you can detect them by looking for the following signs of infestation:

  • A musty smell, much like that of rotting wood or leaves
  • Clicking sounds that indicate that termites are feeding
  • Mud tubes, usually appearing near the ground and rising up to wooden structures
  • Soft wood, which is both due to rot and to termites eating within

If these signs are present, especially mud tunnels and clicking sounds, you likely have a termite infestation under your sink.

Arrange for a Termite Inspection

If you suspect that termites have invaded your under-sink cabinet, you need to fix the leaking tap and arrange for a termite inspection. Even if you remove the wooden cabinet and stop the leak, you won't get rid of the termite problem. Once termites are on your doorstep, you'll have a very difficult time getting rid of them on your own.

A termite inspector can identify where the termites are coming from and then apply the appropriate treatments. One of the most effective ways of killing a nearby termite colony is through a baiting system. Your termite inspector will install termite baits around the perimeter of your home. Once the termites pick up the bait, they will carry the poison back to their nest and poison the queen.

Has your leaky tap attracted the attention of termites? Then don't waste any more time. Call a pest inspector before your home becomes a termite snack.