When it comes to pests, one thing is certain: prevention is the best remedy. Studies have shown that the use of pest control is guaranteed to lower the risks of pest infection. For many, the initial pest control reflex is to seek out service professionals. After all, inexpertly dealing with pesticides can be frightening, and to those with bug phobias, it may seem impossible. However, the whole process can be much more straightforward than anticipated, as long as you follow appropriate guidelines.


The bulk of the cost of pest control lies in service costs, rather than in the products alone. Labour costs can be cut by completing the task yourself, and discounted pesticides can be found almost anywhere in Australian Homeware retail. According to Hi Pages, your home's pest control may cost anywhere between, $300 to $700, which is drastically more than DIY work could set you back.

The pesticides used themselves will generally cost between $20 and $180. You need only to follow the prescribed safety guidelines during application to avoid chemical poisoning. Your safety equipment is likely to only cost you between $25 and $100, which means there is still a considerable margin of savings on doing the labour yourself in the long run.

Safety First  

No one is better equipped to make safe decisions regarding the care of their home than its owner. Some pesticides are notoriously aggressive and can have nefarious fumes or residue, which may harm you or your family in the long run. By choosing the pesticide yourself, you can ensure only safe products are used in your home.  

DIY pest control does not require the presence of service professionals in your home. This will save you from the worry of monitoring their movements and activities, and whether they handle your possessions with care.

Targeting Problem Areas And Environmental Responsibility

You are likely to know more than anyone else which spaces in your home require the most thorough treatment. You will know of corners most likely to accumulate pest or the gaps through which it infiltrates your home. By doing your pest control yourself, you can ensure you attribute as much time as you deem necessary on problem areas.

Knowing the areas to target will also prevent you from wasting product with a blind full-house application. This saving can drastically lessen the environmental impact of your pesticide use. Furthermore, as a DIYer, you can make sure only to purchase pesticides deemed ecologically-friendly. This will allow you to enjoy a pest-free home, without the guilt of harming the planet.