Termites are found all over Australia. However, they are pests only when they come into contact with people. If you have termites on your property or in your home, then you will need to call in termite control professionals to help you get rid of them. In the meantime, what steps should you be taking to control their numbers and discourage them?

Remove Water Supplies

All creatures need some water to survive. In particular, subterranean termites are known to only thrive when they have some source of water close to their nests. Therefore, a highly effective termite treatment is to drain ponds for some time until they have gone. Bear in mind that subterranean termites often have interconnected nests with underground tunnels so even if your pond is several metres away from where you think their nest is, this is still a good measure to take.

Get Rid of Rotting Wood

Many garden termites live inside or close to rotting wood. If you have a pile of firewood ready for winter, then this is the sort of place termites will like to make their home. Either wrap it up inside a tarpaulin or raise it off the ground on bricks or paving blocks. Another useful termite treatment is to dig up old tree stumps, another favoured nesting place for subterranean termites.

Paint Your Woodwork

Treating floorboards to a coat of varnish or painting your exterior timbers is a very good termite treatment that you can take whether you have an infestation or not. Such coatings will discourage drywood termites from taking up residence in your home or garden shed in the first place. If they are already present, then it makes the wood they are burrowing through much less appealing and their numbers should start to fall, especially when you get additional help from pest control professionals.

Baits and Poisons

If you have termites on your property in very large numbers, then it may be necessary to lay poisoned baits for them. The key to success with baiting is to place your baits in the most strategic places possible, and, generally speaking, you will need professional advice when selecting the most effective locations in your home. Something most householders can do for themselves, however, is to treat their garden soil with insecticides. 

For more information about different termite treatments, contact a professional in your area who provides termite control services.