As a business owner, it's important to understand the significance of ensuring your building is always clean and pest-free. After all, the premises is a reflection of who you are, including the company, and you don't want your customers and guests to realise that you are harbouring pests. This will force them to have a bad perception of your company, and your reputation will dwindle, affecting the bottom line. Due to this, office cleanliness must be maintained. It would help if you also put some commercial pest control measures in place to keep all types of pests away. This post will be sharing some essential pest control guidelines you should consider today.

Create a pest control plan to keep pests away

The first thing you need to do to make sure pests don't get to your property is create a pest control plan. Hire an expert to inspect the interior and exterior parts of your business premises so they can check for possible openings pests can use to access the building. Repairs should be done right away if any openings are identified. If you are renting the building, you can talk to the property manager to know what rodent-proofing measures you'll take. For instance, they can hire a professional to seal all the openings and set rodent traps throughout the building. Remember not to use rodent control sprays if you own a food business.

Implore your team not to leave trash behind

One of the things that attract bugs in a commercial property is garbage—trash is their food. If you allow employees to throw away their food or leave leftovers lying around, you'll invite different kinds of pests into your property. Even the tiniest crumbs that most people consider to be insignificant can easily feed a large number of pests. Therefore, leftovers must be disposed of in a tightly sealed waste bin that's strategically placed outside the building. The garbage should be emptied regularly so pests don't get the chance to make the bin their primary source of food.

Keep the floors dry

Other than the food, pests come to your property to search for water. If there are certain spots in your building that are always wet, different types of pests will visit regularly. For instance, rodents like mice and rats require a constant supply of water like humans, so wet areas are an attraction. Water also promotes the growth of mould, an ultimate breeding ground for rodents and bugs. Therefore, consider keeping the floors dry and cleaning up spills right away.