Have your customers begun to complain of wasps swarming around your outdoor eating areas? It should be no surprise to you that autumn is peak season for European wasp sightings. In autumn, European wasp nests reach their maximum capacity. At this time, there isn't enough food to feed the entire nests, and this causes the workers to leave the nest in search of food.

Your restaurant and its patrons may become targets at this time of year. This is because hordes of worker wasps are out in search of protein and sugar. As a result, if a European wasp nest is located near your restaurant, customers eating in your outdoor dining area could be at risk.

If wasps are attacking your customers, the following tips can help you deal with the issue quickly and safely.

Set Up Water Traps Outside Your Establishment

During autumn, wasps crave sweet treats. In fact, in order to eat their fill, European wasps will become extremely aggressive if you try to drive them away forcibly. When attacked, European wasps release pheromones that bring nearby wasps to their aid. As such, you should advise customers against swatting incoming wasps.

Instead, set up several water traps around your restaurant, preferably at strategic points around the edges of the outdoor dining area. To create a water trap, simply fill a small container with water sweetened with sugar or syrup, then add a touch of washing up liquid. Wasps in search of sugar will land in the containers and sink to the bottom, where they will die.

Warn Customers Against Drinking Soft Drinks Outside

You should also have your staff advise customers against drinking sugary drinks outside your restaurant until you have dealt with the wasp menace. It's a good idea to also provide sealed containers for sugary drinks for your customers.

Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company

If European wasps are swarming your outdoor eating area, there is a nest located somewhere nearby. European wasps generally forage near their nest in search of food. But you shouldn't attempt to find the nest yourself. That could put you and your staff members in danger.

If you suspect that a nearby European wasp nest is terrorizing your customers, hire a commercial pest control service to locate and eradicate the wasp nest. An experienced pest control service has the tools and knowhow to track a wasp back to its nest and then destroy that nest promptly. Contact companies like Blake's Pest Management to learn more.