Termites mostly live in dry wood. These pests like to stay in places like door frames, foundations and window frames. They can remain hidden in these areas for an extended period without you noticing them. You should be on the lookout for any signs of termites in your house. That way, you can catch them early and prevent them from causing damage. Call your local termite control service to help you deal with these pests when you notice the elements listed below.

Papery or Hollow Wood

Drywood termites tend to consume wood from the inside. That leaves a thin-looking wood or the paint alone. Knocking on wood damaged by termites will produce a hollow sound. That is because the inside part of the timber has been eaten away. Most people tend to notice a termite infestation if they are vacuuming and the machine goes through the board. In some situations, you may also have your finger passing through the door frame when you press it. If you notice there is hollow wood around your house, then it is time to call in the termite control services.

Head Banging

Do you know what sound termites produce? When termites get into your property, you will begin hearing quiet clicking sounds. When the termite colony is in danger, soldier termites bang their heads on wood to warn the rest. Additionally, worker termites are noisy when eating your woodwork. Put your ear close to the timber infested with these pests, and you will hear them eating away. Thus, you should be keen to listen if there is a head-banging sound coming from your walls. That will mean you should hire pest control services.


Termite droppings, or frass, is another sign that you have a termite infestation. Drywood termites live inside timber. When they are creating tunnels and eating the wood, they will discard their droppings. You will begin to notice mounds of pellets. Most of the frass is small. Their appearance is like that of wood shavings and sawdust. These droppings can be found in places that have wood around the house. Once you see the termite droppings in your home, let the professionals come in for a termite inspection. 

Termite control services have professionals who can identify signs of termites. If the signs are not visible, they will use technology to detect the termites' presence. Insurance policies on the house will not cover an infestation of termites. Thus, you should have termite control companies coming in for inspection regularly. That reduces the chance of facing costly damage to your property.